How To Create A Marketing Funnel That Gets More Business

how to create a marketing funnel

Whether you are looking to get more customers, land more clients, or get more subscriptions to your blog, understanding how to create a marketing funnel is the start to any successful campaign. 

Advertising, social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing all require a system to get prospects from point A to point B. 

This is when having a marketing funnel comes in handy. With it, you will be able to divide up focus points, make more meaningful adjustments, and get more clients/customers.  

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What Is A Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a system or funnel that involves a series of steps to guide a prospect to some sort of conversion. This conversion can be a sale, signup, or any other action that a marketer chooses. 

Understanding how to create a marketing funnel is so important because it allows you to really breakdown your systems weakpionts and improve your strategic plan in a way that isn’t possible without the clarity of a funnel. 

At the same time it improves a companies understanding of customer behavior which is invaluable to further strategic plans and expirements. 

How To Create A Marketing Funnel In 5 Steps

A marketing funnel consists of 5 stages or steps that lead to the acquisition of a customer. The steps are as follows: 

how to create a marketing funnel


The awareness stage or attraction stage is a critical stage in the sales funnel. In this stage you are attracting your ideal audience and building your companies awareness and credibility. This can be easily done through advertisement’s, blog posts, social media posts, etc… 

At this stage it is important to show both an understanding and a solution for your prospects issues or problems.  


Now that people know your business exists they will choose whether or not they find it interesting or applicable. Creativity is crucial in the interest stage as it sets your business apart and provokes, well interest. 

Developing a strong sense unique branding will help provoke more interest and move prospects along in the marketing funnel. 


users reaching this stage already have some level of interest in your company and its offerings or content. Now is the time to take some risk and make those still left an irresistible offer. 

This can be in the form of a free trail, discount, exclusive access, etc.. Adding some level of scarcity is also a good idea here. For instance, if you were selling an E-book maybe saying there is only 10 Free copies left or something along those lines is a good idea. 


Your customers have successfully responded to your offer or CTA – call to action. Making this step as smooth and fast as possible is a good idea so they don’t overthink or back out of your offer. 


It’s time to deliver! Your prospects have taken a chance on your company and it is time to prove their decision right.

This could be in the form of an outstanding service or an extremely high-quality product. Whatever it is, exceeding your customer’s/client’s expectations is extremely important for your company image.

When you give your clients or customers a great experience you substantially increase the chance of referrals and good reviews, which can help your company’s profitability in the long run.

what is a marketing funnel

How To Create A Marketing Funnel That Keeps Getting Better

The truth is that learning how to create a marketing funnel requires continuous experimentation. Likely, your first funnel isn’t going to be a huge success and changes will need to be made.

We encourage you to keep a close eye on each one of your sales funnels and to make informed changes. Using a screen recording software like Reactflow on your website is a great way to see exactly how your users are reacting and how you can improve their experience.

Get Help With Creating Your Marketing Funnel Today

Every business has different customer needs and goals, which is why it’s important you take a more personalized approach to your marketing funnel.

If you want to reach your business goals faster and build your brand more efficiently, we can help you create the right marketing strategy with our Free Digital Marketing Plan.

At Path-Media we have what it takes to not only create a strategic and personalized marketing funnel but fully manage your marketing tactics so that your business can get more leads. 

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