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Law firm advertising is hands down the best way to get fast traffic flowing to your firm’s website, however where most law firms fall short is when it comes to effectively maximizing their budget, targeting the right kinds of people, and broadening their scope of what might be affecting their ad performance.

In this blog we will be fully uncovering law firm advertising best practices when it comes to advertising within your budget, creating valuable split tests, finding keywords, and making informed landing page and ad adjustments.

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How To Advertise Your Law Firm

Before any keyword research, you’re going to want to set a layout for the structure of your campaigns, ad groups, and ads. This is an important step of the process as you want to make sure you aren’t spreading your law firm’s advertising budget too thin. Below is a general rule of thumb to follow. Make note that these rules do not apply to SKAGs.

You may be surprised at how few keywords we suggest targeting in your ad group. With years of experience and tests, we have discovered that this structure is how you’re going to want to advertise your law firm when looking to get the best bang for your buck. With some spending $50,000+ a month on their law firm advertising, it is important you stay within the means of this structure or else your ads will become second fiddle.

SKAGS - Single Keyword Ad Groups

Speaking of maximizing your law firm advertising budget, SKAGs are a great tool each and every law firm should be using. Single keyword ad groups are exactly what they sound like, an ad group that is targeted entirely to advertising one specific keyword. This is great for when you want to show up for a very difficult keyword or find that one keyword, in particular, is converting well or is seeing a lot of clicks. 

Creating a SKAG is simple, just create an ad group as you normally would but only add one keyword. We suggest creating between 1-2 advertisements for your single keyword ad group. 

Law Firm Split Testing Ads

Law Firm Advertising Split Tests

Split testing is mandatory for optimizing your campaign(s) performance. Your law firm’s prospects and competitors are always changing and it is in your best interest to change with them. You should be frequently checking in on your law firm advertising initiatives to make sure your keywords and headings don’t grow stale. Also optimizing your ad text and tactics means more revenue and who doesn’t love that? We have found that optimizing your advertisement heading tags and CTA – call to action has the most impact. 

Running a split test is simple, just go into your Google ads admin page, select view all campaigns in the top left corner, then click on “experiments” located in the bottom left-hand corner. If you’re still having trouble you Can learn more about running Google ad experiments here

Understanding Your Law Firms Audience

Before committing a single dime to your law firm advertising budget you need to have a good understanding of your audience. You should know:

It is not uncommon for law firms to waste thousands on advertising just because they didn’t have a deep understanding of their clients. 

For instance, a personal injury law firm’s advertising may be less professional whereas a criminal defense lawyer may advertise more professionally toward their prospects.  

If you don’t know a great deal about your audience we suggest running advertising experiments or just keeping a close eye on the demographics, keywords, and ad text that seem to be bringing in the most conversions for your law firm. 

how to advertise your law firm

Keywords Research

Keyword research is an important part of law firm advertising, especially when it comes to driving the right traffic. When performing keyword research it is smart to keep in mind your competition and your budget. Using SEMrush to determine the KD- Keyword Difficulty and CPC- Cost Per Click of a keyword is essential when looking for low-hanging fruit that your firm can capitalize on.

 If your budget is tight and SEMrush is not plausible, using Google Trends to validate the search traffic of your keywords is a good way to see the value of a specific keyword. Usually, the more search traffic the more competitive the keyword so keep this in mind with respect to your budget. 

If you’re just starting out we suggest using long-tail keywords as opposed to short-tail keywords. For example, the keyword “Law Firm” wouldn’t be ideal whereas a keyword like “Law Firms In Chicago” would have less competition. A longtail keyword is typically 3-5 words. 

Taking Up Space

At our agency, digital real estate is the amount of space you can take up on a user’s web browser, and like most things, bigger is always better. The way you maximize your digital real estate is by giving your ad the chance to present as much information as possible.

 This means adding any necessary sitelinks and callouts, along with creating the amount of description and heading variations google will allow. However, Google won’t always present all of the information you provided, setting your ad up for an opportunity to take up space is still a great way to increase your CTR.

Landing Page Optimization For Law Firms

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages and your advertisements go hand and hand when it comes to getting more clients. A good law firm advertising agency or individual will always optimize your landing pages to convert more users. 

Optimizing your landing pages is a relatively straightforward process of experimentation and refinement. We suggest the following: 

Experiments can be small such as changing the images or the button text or they can be big like redesigning the entire layout or CTA-call To Action. Both have been known to surprisingly make big differences in the way webpage visitors respond. For Example, 93% of B2B marketers attribute their revenue growth to personalization. And it it’s also a powerful tool in B2C markets: 36% of online consumers want more personalization, not less. 

Advertising For Law Firms FAQ

Depending on how aggressive you are looking to grow, your law firm should be putting around 10% of your monthly revenue into your firms marketing budget. We don’t suggest working on multiple methods of marketing especially if your budget is on the lower end. As for advertising ideally you are going to want to put aside $3,000-$10,000 a month for ad spend with a minimum ad spend of $1,500 a month. 

While your waiting on your SEO to kick in there is no better supplement than that of advertising. The traffic you get is fast and it is a great way to get a lot of leads in the door without doing quite as much work as you would with SEO. 

It depends on your experience with Google advertising and the time you spend working on refining your ads to better convert your clients. However, when starting from ground zero it typically can take 3-4 months to see consistent monetary results from Google advertising. A lot of that time has to do with data analysis and integration to better target users and adapt your campaigns and landing pages.  

The way we see it at Path-Media is that you should focus on what you’re good at, and so should we. What we mean by that is that you should be focusing on serving your clients and let an agency (Pick us! Pick us!) take care of driving and converting traffic while keeping you in the loop. 

Before You Advertise Your Law Firm

Trust us, you don’t want to aimlessly jump into advertising your law firm. If you aren’t working with an agency or maybe you are, we highly suggest you fill out this form to receive a FREE Law Firm Advertising Plan, or request a discovery call with our team at Path-Media. 

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