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seo for home services

If you provide a great service and have developed a quality website but cant seem to get consistent online business it is very likely your SEO is at fault. Like any other industry, home services SEO requires a great deal of experience and time. 

If you want to improve your online visibility and start gaining consistent business. We highly suggest you begin investing in SEO. That being said, you can check out our home services SEO, book a discovery call or continue reading on! 

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What Is SEO For Home Services?

Search engine optimization (SEO) for home services is the process of optimizing a website for improved organic visibility. It involves optimizing your website’s technical and on-page content for keywords and creating relationships with authoritative websites within the industry relevant to yours.  

The three main focuses of SEO include these elements:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves the optimization of elements Google uses to identify and understand your website.

Having quality technical SEO gives Google’s crawlers a better understanding of your website which increases your chance for visibility! 

When focusing on technical SEO optimization you’re going to want to do the following:

seo for home service

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to components that you can directly control in the admin of your website. Below are some On-page SEO elements that should be optimized:

It is important to keep in mind that these elements should be optimized for a page’s specific keyword. We suggest optimizing for one keyword per webpage, and never optimizing two different pages for the same keyword. To ensure your keyword density is optimal, ensure that your target keyword is embedded once per every 100 words of text. 

If this sounds confusing now, don’t worry YoastSEO makes on-page SEO optimization easy and simple. 

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO consists of all the elements that signal to Google your website is trustworthy and valuable. 

Google analyzes your backlinks, off-page profiles, and posts to determine the value of your website. The more of this you have the better. 

However, keep in mind that Google will severely punish any websites that participate in link spamming or acquire backlinks and guest posts from low authoritative sites. 

We suggest using SEMrush or Moz to evaluate a website’s authority. For best results only obtain links from websites that have a minimum DA – domain authority of 25 and have a considerable amount of keywords they are ranking for that are relevant to your home services business. 

seo for home service companies

Why You Need SEO For Home Services?

SEO is hands down the single greatest method of marketing. Its organic methodology and tactics result in increased trust with users and have been known to increase online conversions more than any other tactic. 

Not only is SEO cheaper than advertising in the long run, but it provides a compounding effect that just isn’t possible with advertising. 

The truth is that people trust Google and when they search, “movers near me” or “Plumbers near me” they are only evaluating the businesses that show up on page one of Google. Keep in mind that SEO does not provide instant results, but a good SEO partner will have your organic traffic increasing steadily just after a few months. 

Believe The Numbers Not Us

In case we didn’t convince you, here are some SEO statistics you may find interesting!

As you can see, SEO is a driving source of revenue for many businesses and is highly valued. Now that you believe us, let’s move on to some ways you can begin boosting your organic visibility. 

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SEO Ideas For Home Service Businesses

The driving factor in increased organic traffic revolves around content. If you aren’t already, we highly suggest you begin blogging daily. For best results post 2-3 blog posts a week, or 1 if you really don’t have time. 

Most of the time people do some research before committing to a home services project, if your business is there to give good do-it-yourself advice (DIY) or any other expert tips/opinions then prospects will be much more likely to flock towards your business in the future. 

You can look at industry competitors to get content ideas. Just be sure to make content 100% original as this has an effect on your rankings as well. Follow the suggestions in the off-page section of this post for the best results possible. 

Boost Your SEO Performance In Months!

As we have already stated, SEO is a strategic game of consistency and patience. Focusing on running a home services business is hard enough and you likely don’t have time to be creating and managing high-quality content on a daily. 

At Path-Media we provide highly personalized SEO for home service businesses and think you may find it helpful to take a look at our Home Services SEO page or Book A Discovery Call with one of our experts!

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